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2019-18-09 |

Domain Adaptive NMT Engines: a customized machine translation

In recent 10-15 years, we have put almost the entire workflow routine on computers. The same situation is observed in technical translation industry. The functions of machine translators are improved and expanded every year. They currently translate more precisely; and their main feature is an instant data processing. Although, non-comprehension of the context still remains a...

2019-05-08 |

Multilingual Content Management Systems: Purpose and Features

Today, we cannot even imagine our lives without a global web. Gradually, the Internet has shifted and canceled all boundaries. Due to a significant increase in the volume of web content and the number of users, companies began to pay more attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). CMS or Content Management Systems are called to help in this. This is a software that allows...

2019-24-07 |

Triple Combo of Localization

What is Localization? Translation of a website content, is it? Definitely, it’s not. Language localization (or localisation) is an adaptation of a product and its references to a specific country or region including translation, internationalization and cultural adaptation. It usually refers to software, video games, mobile applications, and websites. So the translation...

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