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Technical Translation

Technical translation means translation of absolute precision. For this purpose, we find our linguists on the inside. Amongst our skillful pool we have scientists, programmers, engineers and more. They know their particular subject matters as natives. For you that means getting impeccably accurate translation revising industrial terms and even jargon.

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  • Standards & Patents
  • Academic Papers

Legal Translation

Small mistakes in legal translation can lead to real consequences. The story of how an ill-chosen translation of the Japanese word mokusatsu led to the United States decision to drop the world’s first atomic bomb on Hiroshima is well known to many linguists. Another sad example is the mistranslation of Khrushchev’s speech during the Cold War in 1956. He used an idiom that meant essentially «We will outlast you and live to see your burial.» It was translated as the much more ominous «We will bury you.» Your intention will be translated properly by legal minds of Sialia Global.

  • Negotiations
  • Contracts
  • Certificates & Licenses
  • Customs

Document Translation & Notarial Certification

Document Translation is much more relevant today. The Internet made us cosmopolitans: we hobnob with pals from all over the world via social media, negotiate, fall in love and even get married! There are no borders except red tape – professional translation of documents with notarial certification or apostille. In these procedures our clients find peace of mind.

  • Passports
  • Certificates
  • CVs
  • Corporate Documentation
  • Correspondence
  • Financial Statements


For your product to benefit abroad and cut through the noise of multiple brands, you need much greater than a simple translation: be locally relevant and culturally sensitive. Laws, date and time formats, currencies, measures, layouts should comply to those on the destination markets. Our linguists have dealt with all cultures and industries. No matter how big the task, no matter how many countries your brand needs to connect with, we can help you climb the mountain.

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Literary Translation

Literary Translation always need a special talent: an ability to comprehend the author’s idea, delicately grasp the expressive means, a tender attitude to literature as a whole. We attract professional writers enjoying sophisticated style and respect to a masterpiece and its creator.

  • Novels
  • Poems
  • Articles


Creative without strategy is called «art.» Creative with strategy is called «advertising.» The adequate approach can reach out to your buyers’ hearts and become lucrative. The power of positive brand-name transcreation showed up, for instance, when we take a look at Coca Cola in China, «Ke Kou Ke Le»; it carries positive senses of a great taste (Ke Kou) and happiness (Ke Le), with polished diction. However, in 1927, it was translated into «Ke Dou Jiao La», meaning «a tadpole is chewing wax.» Our professionals will assist you to skirt around these marketing banana skins. We will accept and revise your goals in full, complete the transcreation project and test it with native audience respondents.

  • Brand Names
  • Newsletters & Reviews
  • Slogans
  • Articles

Subtitle & Voiceover Translation

The perception and popularity of a media product, including ads, a music video or movie, directly depends on its translation overseas. Moreover, today the Internet video production is on the rise. Videos is a very persuasive advertising material: it attracts, assists, instructs, and challenges. 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute. That’s why subtitling is much more productive as subtitles are indexed by search engines. But to make the picture complete you sometimes need voiceover as well. Here we supply fully equipped qualified dubbers.

  • Films & Animation
  • Presentations
  • Announcements
  • Tutorials
  • YouTube, Vevo, Youke, Rutube Videos

Production Services

We attend to both translation and production of multilingual materials. We implement typesetting (DTP) of your marketing materials, redesign them according to your marketing needs. Our team also includes experienced designers and publishers. They will bring your idea and drafts to a charming, advantageous, and balanced production result. We will make a layout of your text for free.

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