• Sialia Global wants to talk to professionals

    A fine bunch can get the moon on a stick

We have an increasing demand for active and competent translators, proofreaders, content writers, publishers, and graphic designers. The specialists educated in the following fields needed:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Marketing & PR
  • Banking Operations
  • Ophthalmology
  • Legal Studies
  • Finances
  • Surgery
  • General Medicine

Our customers are big fish and leaders in their industries so the Sialia Global’s reputation is highly valuable. We are looking for highly experienced mother tongue translators with at least 3 years of professional experience. Other application requirements:

In response, we implement solid payment and assistance. We want our Bluebird to bring luck to everyone: you, us, and our clients.

Shall we cooperate?

Please fill in the form or email us at hr@sialia.global and make sure you send your diplomas and certificates.

If you are a translator or a proofreader, we will ask you to translate or proofread 1,800 characters and revise them in two weeks.

If you are a writer or designer, please send your best works for us to admire them.

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